A not so formal apology

As I am sure you are all aware I have registered for NaPodPoMo this and haven’t actually put anything up, well here’s the thing, I have a very *cough* busy *cough* schedule and just don’t have the time… OK so I lied a little, we all do it you know so you put your judgey, stern, naughty boy Ben faces away. Truth is I haven’t got the equipment to give you all the kind of quality show people of your intelligence deserve (A little side note to everyone, and there are HEAPS of you, who keeps telling me to use my iPhone, I DON’T WANT TO SO NER NER :P).

So basically I’m saying sorry to everyone who is expecting audio content from me for the next 28 days because you can wait all you want it ain’t gonna happen.

In other news FUCKING HELL IT’S GOTTEN HOT HERE ALL OF A SUDDEN. I mean shit a week ago I was walking down to the shops comfortably in jeans a light jacket and now I’m sitting here at 4am in practically nothing (Stop trying to imagine it, I know you all are right now). Oh and to make the hot situation worse the spa outside isn’t working damn fucking electronic or motorized or whatever you want to call it crap!!! Stop breaking down on me its not nice!!!!

On a light note I have had a few callbacks about jobs, which in general makes me feel like less of a looser and more like someone who might be able to obtain employment in the not too distant future.

I don’t know what it is lately but I was helping a friend do an assignment for her art class and I got a little carried away (one paragraph turning into 9 pages oops) and I have noticed that I seem to enjoy typing big long stories as apposed to 5 short lines. Even friends on MSN have said they are getting sick of the long-winded explanations to an otherwise simple “yes or no” question. Oh and by the way look I kept my promise, I am posting more than once tee he he. See I am getting better now.

I have been wandering round my house when I’m alone looking at all the little things that to me are unfinished but no one else seems to notice. So I printed out a “Pretend rental maintenance check list” and tomorrow I am doing the nerdy, geeky thing of checking every room for those little annoying “unfinished” things so I can do them, one day.

Ok now that I have bored you half to death I’m off to do…. something to…something ok bye!

oh before I go It’s 4:21am I’m sorry if there are some speelling mistakes and shit but dood it”s 4:20 in the morning you try spelling accurately this time of morning. Hmm  thinks its coffee time!

Oh and another thing did u notice mah twitter feed just over there =====>          mmmhmmm thats right you can watch my every tweet from here now lol!

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2 Responses to A not so formal apology

  1. Yay, you are getting some call backs from the places you applied at! 🙂 I’m sure you will have a job again in no time.

    As far as NaPodPoMo, you should only do it if you want to do it. Otherwise, it’s not fun, it’s work, and it’s work that doesn’t pay money…so, yeah.
    I’m having fun with NaPodPoMo. Not entirely sure what I’m going to do for every day this month, but, then again, I never do.

    And I hope your Spa starts working again real soon.

  2. Jac says:

    Ben I’m excited or you getting call backs!! How can they not hire you??!

    Don’t do that Nadpo-whatis thing if you don’t feel like it.

    Do you want to do my assignments for me next semester? 😛

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