Do not use that word here…FAT!

I am having a fat day that has lasted months, and I finally have decided I need to do something about it. With a little help from some friends and a lot of help from the interwebs, I have set a goal that I will have a flat tummy……when it gets flat. I know you are supposed to set a time frame in which to achieve set goals, but you see I tend to get bogged down in the fact that my goals (and i quote from a previous weight loss attempt) “are not fucking happening on fucking time so this diet and exercise thing can go fuck its sefl, where the fuck is whipped cream!”

in the past week Drue and myself have not eaten take away and i have been cooking a lot more healthier options (hey i didn’t say the foods were perfectly healthy, give me some credit, you must admit a packet rice is far better than a large fries at maccas) Cooking is something i love to do but its an effort to get me to get started, like most things i do in life. I have also been told (by a book written by a very intelligent personal trainer) that if u concentrate on the amount you are loosing off your waist or arms or where ever you want to loose it, it can be more exciting and you can feel more motivated.

Now here’s the part where you get something out of it, at the beginning and end of every month I will post a picture of myself on here (starting December first) and you have to guess how many cm you think i have lost from around my tummy. The person who guesses right gets…. something….from….somewhere…….I don’t know yet but it will be good (if anyone has anything they would like to donate as a prize let me know ben/at/ thanks)

Some of you may be thinking this is a totally worthless competition thingy why should i even bother, I have one thing to say to you, If you loved me you’d do it 🙂

On that note I’m off!!! ciao people!

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  2. Shawn says:

    I’ve found it’s easier to set short-term weight loss goals and try to achieve those than it is to just focus on the final number. Regardless, good luck!

  3. Yvonnne says:

    Well I have been back to the gym (As you know) and int heshirt time I have been motivated again…I have lost a fewkg. The trick is a little bit oif exercise often.. and not a lot of junk food.

    Also you have a 90km walk in 2011….

  4. I will never, ever, get that contest right! Guess the number of anything at all…. and I’m hopelessly lost. Numbers just don’t compute for me.
    Good luck with your weight loss, and I look forward to seeing the photos. 🙂

  5. AHmi says:

    now u is fat,and dont sugar coat that cause you’ll eat that too…
    lol love ya work benny
    keep posting ok!

  6. ben says:

    AHmi my darling, Dr Phil demotivational quotes are not cool, but I will allow this one just once 😉

  7. AHmi says:

    all in good humour my lovely… 🙂

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