I know this is out of the ordinary but I need to get this off my chest. I am soo sick of close-minded people who have no fucking idea about anything but what directly affects them, OH MY FUCKING GOD IF PEOPLE DONT STOP TRYING TO PUSH THEIR PERSONAL AGENDA’S IN MY FACE I WILL START THROWING ACID IN THEIR EYES!!! GRRR!!!!

The topic that has me so wound up is “Nuclear energy” (OMG I can hear the fucking morons carrying on already). WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!!! Nuclear energy may just be our only option for electricity in the (and I am stressing this part) NOT TO DISTANT FUTURE!!! I can hear all of u so called “greenies” out there screaming words at me like solar and wind, these are not a viable option, and i know this first hand as my partner and I run a solar system off our home and it doesn’t even come close to supporting a household and as for wind pfft Australia is not known for its wind for Christ’s sake!

My blood is boiling as I’m writing this, I am soo mad at people who don’t accept other peoples opinions. Yes I may be pushing the nuclear energy issue here but this is MY blog and i will push what i damn well like! so stick that in your bong and smoke it you stoned hippy sons of bitches!!

While I am on the subject of bitching and complaining about things that are way out of my control, I am still jobless and its shitting me up the wall. I have applied for over 10000000000 jobs and have even started getting rejection letters from companies I didn’t even know i applied for, so as you can imagine my mood isn’t exactly the best at this time.

I had a job for a brief period (all of 2 days) working in a salon in Blacktown NSW, and yes I am going to name them because the fucking store owner screwed me over!!! The store in question is Hairhouse Warehouse and I am urging all of my loyal readers to boycott all Hairhouse Warehouse stores in protest for the fucked up way they treat their new employees.  I had a trial in the salon on the Friday and within an hour he had made up his mind he wanted to keep me, he asked me to work the next day but I couldn’t because Mr and Mrs Squeak were making it official and getting married, congrats guys lots of love. So I started on Sunday and had the best day did lots of hair and had a blast, Monday came around and I was told to go out and promote myself. Here I was thinking “oh cool I’ll be out and about for an hour or two”, boy was I wrong. They had 3 promotions going at the time (I cant remember what they were but they were crap anyway.) I was expected to get 5 clients booked  in for each promotion by the end of business that day, dude it’s Blacktown for Christ’s sake that was never going to happen. needless to say at close of business I had managed to convince zero people to have their hair done with me.

Tuesday and Wednesday were my days off and I called Wednesday afternoon to see what time I was supposed to go in on Thursday, I was told I was not needed, OK no problem. called again Thursday to find out about Friday and again was told I wasn’t needed. I was pissed off by this point and no one was telling why I wasn’t needed, so I made up my mind I was going to quit. I went in Saturday to get my stuff I had left there and to tell the boss to shove his job and head up his arse and he wasn’t there, I walked in and the senior hairdresser there said “hey I’m sorry it didn’t work out.”  WHAT THE FUCK?? When was someone going to tell me? Anyway long story short the owner wasn’t going to pay me so I called head office, they sorted it out when I went to collect my pay he stood over me and mouthed off so when I got in the car I called head office again, this douche bag is not going to get away with fucking with me.

Well now I am back to square one and it sucks balls and not in a good way (insert sad face here) but we will get there soon, I hope. Now that all this bitching is out im off

ciao bitches!!!!!!

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5 Responses to KIND TO TREES SWEETY!!!

  1. ben says:

    Incase people where wondering, I gave up on the weight-loss comp, it’s too far gone people I’m still fat and I’m also lazy so….yer

  2. Shawn says:

    Who’d even go to a place with a name like “Hairhouse Warehouse?” The name alone is absurd.

  3. Sorry to hear that things haven’t been going so well for you. Hang in there. It’s got to get better. *hugz*

    And yeah…. “Hairhouse Warehouse”? Awful name.

  4. woosang says:

    I am glad you rang the head office that guy was a bully and def needed to be pulled into line.


  5. amy says:

    yeah that manager was a outright prick! i went in with ben to the trial and he gave off the im a tool and all i care about is myself vibe…
    i was happy for benny to have a job but i felt there was something suss about the tool…
    neways good to see ur venting benny and keep up the posts…

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