RIGHT! I’d start at the beginning but I cant remember what happened from when I last posted something so let’s go from the most exciting thing. Drue and I went on a little holiday to Queensland and it was fucking awesome!!!! The drive up was ok, long but ok. So we get to Queensland and we stayed at a friends place for the night which was nice, except for the friggin blow up mattress which sucked like hell! Oh and i had sizzler for the first time which like the fat fucker that i am i ate huge quantities of really bad food lolz!

The next day we went to a place called Chermside and got Drue’s hair cut and coloured then spent the rest of the afternoon in Brisbane taking photos and had a really nice time. Then we went to dinner with a group of twitter peeps (y’all know who you are!!) After dinner we stayed with another twitter friend who I hadn’t seen for ages so twas nice to catch up with them!

The day after that we went to the best place ever!!! Australia zoo!!!!!! Oh my god I love that place!!!!!!!!!! I’d live there if I could! It was an amazing experience, I got to see all the animals and reptiles. I felt like i had been there before and felt so at home it was the best! I got to feed an elephant and see crocodiles and alligators and best of all there were snakes!!!!! Soo much happened at the zoo and there is heaps more I could talk about but I’m sure you’re all thoroughly bored right now so I’ll move on.

After the zoo we went and visited one of my bestest friends ever, J! J and I have been friends from our entire lives and because she lives in Queensland and I live in NSW, not to mention I am a poor bastard and she is a uni student so neither of us really have the money to see each other every other week! So we stayed with J the night and came home the next day. It was the best holiday I’ve been on and I totally want to go back to the zoo when the Africa section is finished! On a side note, the zoo had such an impact on me that I decided I wanted to become a Vet Nurse.

We’d been home for about a week or 2 and I had this heavy feeling in my chest, it was sort of like a depressed feeling but physical, it was fucking weird. I put it down to the fact that I was just coming down from the high of the holiday. Then at about 7pm one Wednesday night, I was sitting on the lounge with my legs crossed, was watching TV and needed to pee so I went to get up and my legs where numb so I fell flat on my face! I just assumed it was because i had been sitting on my feet so I tried my best to walk around and get the feeling back. I sat back down and watched TV. at 11pm still no feeling so I spoke to mate of mine who was a nurse and he said to call an ambulance or try and get myself to hospital. So I did and after being in the waiting room from about 11:30pm with no feeling in my legs I get put in a bed in the emergency department, then after about 24 hours i get moved to the short stay ward. I spent a week in the hospital doing test after test and being poked and prodded. I have a team of 5 doctors looking after me and guess what the outcome was? I got told “we can’t find what is causing it so we will have to just wait and see what happens!” OMFG I was sooo pissed off but at that point all I was concerned about was getting home! I have been home for about 3 weeks or so and early this week I got the feeling back in my legs, but not completely. the feeling comes and goes at the moment and I can walk and all is ok, it’s just very frustrating.

All this shit has also put a spanner in the works on me becoming a Vet Nurse or even getting a job for that matter! I am also rather pissed off about the fact that I can’t exactly go out and get a “normal” job and because I’m not considered to be “permanently disabled” none of the job agencies, who specialise in helping people with disabilities find jobs, will help me and to top all this off I am entitled to get a disability pension, but because Drue earns over the amount allowable for me to get the pension i’m stuck with no job and no money! I FUCKING HATE THIS BULLSHIT!!!!!

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