Begoth Be gone!

Apart from a select group, not by choice mind you, not many of you know that before I met Drue I used to collect Begoth dolls. I had the whole collection up to date. These dolls are rare and the company only make a select few and when they run out “that’sĀ all folks!”

Unfortunately all of mine were stolen from me and I had no way to get them back. It was heartbreaking because I knew it would be a very difficult thing to get them all back and to this day I have only managed to get 2 back, one of which technically is on permanent loan from a dear friend. I have noticed a lot of people selling them on ebay and places like that but some aren’t in the best condition.

You are probably wondering “what the hell does this have to do with me?!” Well I have decided to put up a list of the dolls I had stolen and also the couple I didn’t have yet and if anyone comes across any you can shoot me an email to and let me know which doll, where it was being sold and how much it was to purchase. As I purchase any of the dolls I will mark them off the list (I wont say not to any gifts either :-p).

I’m hoping to one day have the whole collection again, I’m not holding my breath though. I am not concerned if they are mint in box anymore I just want my girls back!!!! There are 2 types of dolls a 12″ fashion doll and 7″ figurines.

So here is the list! I have listed the 12″ dolls first then the 7″ figurines

Series 1

Series 2
Casual Storm
Abcynthia Chaser
Angelina Blasphemina
Suzi Ful
Victoria Creeper

Series 3
Back to School Storm
Serpentina Maria Sangria
Julia Doom
Scorpio Vixen

Series 4
Evening Storm
Fiona Fatale
Hypnotica Gaze
Infinity A Byss

Series 5
Leda Swanson
Anabelle Lee
Red Riding Storm
Esperanza De Muerte
Ivana Scream

Series 6
Slayer Storm
Penelope Fabrique

Series 7
Atara Inferno
Katarina Moreau
Olivia D Lantern


Series 1

Series 2
Dru Id
Hysteria Venom
Ophelia Pain
Trinity Tortura

Series 3
Autumn Von Sanguine
Eva Destruction
Nurse Hypnochondrianna
Veronica Despair

Series 4
Angela Noir
Cyberella D Nile
Lunabella Whispers
Malice in Wonderland

Series 5
Deliah Blackheart
Jacqueline Le Spades
Joani Rotten
Mina Immortale

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