Jane's addiction…..well my addiction anyway.

I have recently discovered a new collectible that to be honest I never thought of as a collectible. We use them every day and for the most part they are very cheap and most people would consider a disposable item. I bet a lot of you ladies have one or 2 in your handbags and guys I’m sure you have a few in the glove box of the car. We buy hundreds of them and have millions of them around our homes and offices, yet when we need one they are all mysteriously missing! Have you worked it out yet? I’m talking about PENS!!!!

I have always been the type of person who throws pens away and never really thought about it. I had pens I liked using and that were better than others, but now I realise there is so much more out there than a ballpoint or a felt tip! Recently one of my dearest friends “Y” gifted to me 3 fountain pens and I immediately fell in love! She is an extremely giving person who I would move mountains if need be to help out and she is a confessed pen addict! I think she just needed someone she could share her addiction with and boy did she! I have been converted and I am loving every second of it!

My friend “Y” also introduced me to a podcast on the 70 Decibels podcast network called “The Pen Addict” (http://www.70decibels.com/thepenaddict/) The show is hosted by, I think the king of pen addicts, Brad Dowdy and self confessed pen addict Myke Hurley. I have learnt so much and can’t wait to put in to practice the thing they have taught me and I’m only into my 3rd podcast!!!! So thanks to Y for opening my eyes and introducing me to the world of pens!



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