Drunkity drunk drunk

I am writing this to you in a somewhat very drunk state! Druey and I just watched Casino Royale with champagne and cheese, guess who drank the champagne ;). I have been having a lot of trouble with my photos on this blog, not to mention writing word after word after word only to have half of it disappear, so sadly my last few outfit of the days have disappeared. I am attempting to rectify this tomorrow and start fresh. I’m considering going further and doing more than outfit august to also show my body changes as I progress through my fitness regime so keep an eye out for that. I’m not promising daily pics but I’ll at least do a weekly roundup or something to that effect.

Today was a pretty relaxed day, hung out with my dear friend Rowan (ALEXANDER!!! :P) and had a lovely afternoon. I had said there was an over the door mirror for $15 in the reject shop and as I don’t own a decent sized mirror, I had mentioned that I was considering getting the mirror. I bet you can guess what happened next…… that’s right he bought it for me! Thank Rowan, you are the bestest!!!

ANYWAYZ I am waaaay to drunk to keep writing so I am off to do stuff and things….BYEE!

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2 Responses to Drunkity drunk drunk

  1. You know who says:

    Don’t do drugs !!!

  2. Yvonne says:

    Thats why I have been doing it..If I lok back even to August 1.. i see a difference.. If I look in the mirror.. no difference..
    Of course photos are easy in Blogspot.. **Just saying…**

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