Here's hoping!

2014 is gone and what a fucking shit year it was! In January my Nan passed away from lung cancer that had spread to her bones. She had been sick for a while and it was kind of a relief to know she wasn’t in pain anymore. It still hurts like hell to think about her and I miss her every single day.

My health has been up and down like a yo-yo and my weight seems to have stagnated. this is not happy making at all! I still haven’t found a job and things are getting harder financially for me which isn’t helping my mood. I have been trying hard not to let it get to me but it’s not always easy with everything else that has been going on.

Things seemed to be going ok towards the end of the year then my oldest baby Yoshi had a cancer scare that sent me into a spin for a while. We found a lump on his foot and took him to the vet to get it checked out, we were told after a few tests that he had cancer. I cried and cried the whole 30 minute drive home. If I didn’t have Druey with me supporting me I think my heart would have stopped! We organised Yoshi’s surgery to remove the whole toe that had the lump. He came out of surgery with no problems and bouncing around like nothing had happened, I wish I had his outlook on life because I was a mess. The vets sent the toe off to be tested to see exactly what we were dealing with. A few days after the surgery we got a call from our vet telling me that the lump wasn’t cancer, it was a fungal infection that has similar cell markers to cancer but the bone in his toe had been damaged and would have had to come off anyway. PHEW! On the drive home after his final check up I cried again but from relief that another shitty experience was behind us! I owe the team at Mount Sugar Loaf Animal Hospital my life! You guys are amazing!

On a positive note, I mentioned on a previous post that I was looking into interior design. Well things have progressed and I got into design school! I start  my 3 year educational journey in February!!!! I am so excited and hope more comes out of it than my depressed brain tells me will. So here’s hoping 2015 is my year!!!

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  1. Tiggr says:

    One thing at a time and that done well, as my mum used to say. Congratulations on getting into ID school, let that be your first priority and learn as well as enjoy the course. I can’t wait to see your projects. Too bad you are in another world, I have a house in need of a makeover!

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