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So boys and girls, it looks like we are making the move to Newcastle!!! Seven month in the pipeline and now it’s finally happening!

I am really hoping to be able to make a few small but still significant changes to the way I do things and also the way we function as a team here. For example I am going to attempt to get myself into a routine and to start with, set out times to do different things and write them down. Even things like my blog, I’m going to attempt to set out 20 minutes at least once a week or maybe once a fortnight to write a post, no matter how big or small.

I am also looking forward to the fact that where we are moving to, there is an organic supermarket that has a HUGE range of gluten and wheat free products at more affordable prices than the supermarkets DOWN THE ROAD FROM ME! They also stock lactose free product. I am trying to limit the amount of dairy I eat because although, to the best of my knowledge, I’m not lactose intolerant, I always tend to feel a little bloated and lethargic after spending a day consuming copious amounts of milk products.

Another thing I am going to attempt to do that is related to food is I am going to try and spend my Sunday preparing home made “ready meal” that I can put in the freezer so that if, for example, I am working and Drue is at home by himself, he can open up the freezer and pick something out for dinner that he can chuck in the microwave and in a few minutes he has a meal ready. I know some of you are thinking why not just go and buy the frozen meals from the supermarket? The reason I’m not doing that is because it is very hard to find frozen meals that I can eat and if I make them myself I can control what goes into them. The meals wont be full meals like the supermarket meals, it will be things like soups, stews, pasta sauces, maybe even gluten free crumbed chicken. It’s more convenience foods that are healthier and also stick to my dietary requirements.

Anyway I should stop blabbing on as I have a million things to do to get organised for the move. Ciao Bitches!

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Always take life with a grain of salt, a slice of lemon and shot of Tequila.

This last year been extremely difficult, the world lost someone very special, I was reminded of another friend we lost last year and I received some news that a family member is loosing their battle with emphysema. On top of all this I am still trying to keep on track with Everything and just get on with life. It’s not easy but I’m trying.

I started Tafe earlier this year to do a computer course. I found it rather easy, however, the teachers weren’t exactly the best teachers. One of the biggest problems I was having was due to the fact that there were people in the class who didn’t understand how things worked and in some cases, barely spoke any English so we had to constantly stop and help them. Then when the end of the class was approaching, they would dump all the work on us and we were expected to just do it! Infuriating!!

Once that was over, Drue got a new job with a private rail company and has moved back to his hometown. I am so glad he git out of “the entity” as he is a lot happier now than he ever was. I will eventually move up there with him, but for now I am still in our home in Sydney.

I can’t wait to move to Newcastle, as some of you may know I spent a few years of my life living in or very near to Newcastle and I have a lot of friends up there that I can’t wait to hang out with again! I’m also looking forward to the change in lifestyle we will encounter. Things are a lot more laid back up there, even traffic isn’t really traffic!!

Recently I discovered that for the past few years I have been living with a stomach infection. Not a severe one, but then again all infection are severe and shouldn’t be left untreated. On top of this I also discovered I have an allergy to gluten, which for those playing at home is one of my favourite food groups(mmmmm gluten!) I discovered all of these problem by going to see a local nutritionist/dietician who also explained that my migraines, depression, weight gain and also my “untreatable periodical leg peristalsis” is all due to the fact that my gut isn’t working properly! All that bullshit I went through seeing doctors and in some cases forking over money I didn’t have was for nothing!! But the good thing is I now know what is going on and how to fix it!

Well that’s it for now! Ciao!

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In the arms of an angel.

This week we lost an amazing person in our lives, my friend Katherine Green. On Sunday 18th March she lost her courageous battle with brain cancer. My heart goes out to her family and her husband Troy. Troy is also an amazing person himself, he looked after Katherine selflessly during her illness. Katherine touch so many lives and will be greatly missed. May she rest in peace.

To my dear friend Katherine,

Although you are no longer with us in body, your soul will live with us forever. There will always be a place in my heart for you and I will miss you terribly. I promise to do my best to help look after Troy and to be there for him.

With love, Ben xxx

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Yes it’s another rant but hey what you gonna do? As some of you may know I have been looking for work for that past 3 years and have found nothing. I know right its bull shit but hey what can you do?

So I have decided to re-educate myself and start a new career. I have decided to go to tafe and study I.T. (information technology.)  You would think that people would be happy for me, and for the most part people are, but there is always one person who thinks you are doing the wrong thing and that person always seems to make themselves known above everyone one else! In my case it’s a family member who I will call SM for this (just in case she reads this and I swear I’ll never hear the end of it!) She insists on tell me that I’m “not smart enough” or I “don’t have the discipline”.

I am so completely over hearing this that I went to such drastic measures as to delete Facebook, and yes I know I have done that before so sue me! I have also stopped talking to other members of my family so there is absolutely no way I will get stuck listening to the negativity from SM.

I have tried to be nice and have responded with “I doesn’t matter SM it’s not like you paid for it, if I want to waste my money that’s my business” when what I really want to say is “go fuck yourself you daft old hag who hasn’t had a job in 5 years!”

So anyway I started tafe this week and I am enjoying it for the most part, but there is a group of girls and 2 boys in my class who are there simply to make sure they get their dole check and its fucking obvious that that is why they are there. They are disruptive and argumentative and just plain fucking annoying! Most people would probably say meh who cares just ignore them but seriously why pic a course that requires you to think if you don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together!

Another annoying thing about my class is, because I have been taught a few things already, the first few lessons have been extremely boring but I expected that. The people who seem to know very little about computers are all coming to me to ask for help and this means I am constantly being disrupted and interrupted even when there is something I don’t know and I’m trying to learn it! For fucks sake ask the fucking teacher it’s his or her fucking job to teach you not me!!! Grrrr!!!!!!

Finally I would like to bring to the attention of all teachers I know or who read my blog (there really is only one that I know of, you know who you are *waves*). If you set a homework task that involves reading information and answering questions on said information, don’t give questions related to something else that the student may have to research themselves WITHOUT TELLING THEM!!! I was the only person in the class who had the brains to look elsewhere, so everyone else (to the best of my knowledge) missed out on 35 marks out of 100 because they need everything spelled out for them. I know it should be the teacher’s responsibility to hold the hand of every fucking dumb arse who walks into their classroom, but as a teacher shouldn’t you assume that your student know nothing?

Ok so that is the end of my rant about school for this post, but don’t think I won’t be bitching more!

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RIGHT! I’d start at the beginning but I cant remember what happened from when I last posted something so let’s go from the most exciting thing. Drue and I went on a little holiday to Queensland and it was fucking awesome!!!! The drive up was ok, long but ok. So we get to Queensland and we stayed at a friends place for the night which was nice, except for the friggin blow up mattress which sucked like hell! Oh and i had sizzler for the first time which like the fat fucker that i am i ate huge quantities of really bad food lolz!

The next day we went to a place called Chermside and got Drue’s hair cut and coloured then spent the rest of the afternoon in Brisbane taking photos and had a really nice time. Then we went to dinner with a group of twitter peeps (y’all know who you are!!) After dinner we stayed with another twitter friend who I hadn’t seen for ages so twas nice to catch up with them!

The day after that we went to the best place ever!!! Australia zoo!!!!!! Oh my god I love that place!!!!!!!!!! I’d live there if I could! It was an amazing experience, I got to see all the animals and reptiles. I felt like i had been there before and felt so at home it was the best! I got to feed an elephant and see crocodiles and alligators and best of all there were snakes!!!!! Soo much happened at the zoo and there is heaps more I could talk about but I’m sure you’re all thoroughly bored right now so I’ll move on.

After the zoo we went and visited one of my bestest friends ever, J! J and I have been friends from our entire lives and because she lives in Queensland and I live in NSW, not to mention I am a poor bastard and she is a uni student so neither of us really have the money to see each other every other week! So we stayed with J the night and came home the next day. It was the best holiday I’ve been on and I totally want to go back to the zoo when the Africa section is finished! On a side note, the zoo had such an impact on me that I decided I wanted to become a Vet Nurse.

We’d been home for about a week or 2 and I had this heavy feeling in my chest, it was sort of like a depressed feeling but physical, it was fucking weird. I put it down to the fact that I was just coming down from the high of the holiday. Then at about 7pm one Wednesday night, I was sitting on the lounge with my legs crossed, was watching TV and needed to pee so I went to get up and my legs where numb so I fell flat on my face! I just assumed it was because i had been sitting on my feet so I tried my best to walk around and get the feeling back. I sat back down and watched TV. at 11pm still no feeling so I spoke to mate of mine who was a nurse and he said to call an ambulance or try and get myself to hospital. So I did and after being in the waiting room from about 11:30pm with no feeling in my legs I get put in a bed in the emergency department, then after about 24 hours i get moved to the short stay ward. I spent a week in the hospital doing test after test and being poked and prodded. I have a team of 5 doctors looking after me and guess what the outcome was? I got told “we can’t find what is causing it so we will have to just wait and see what happens!” OMFG I was sooo pissed off but at that point all I was concerned about was getting home! I have been home for about 3 weeks or so and early this week I got the feeling back in my legs, but not completely. the feeling comes and goes at the moment and I can walk and all is ok, it’s just very frustrating.

All this shit has also put a spanner in the works on me becoming a Vet Nurse or even getting a job for that matter! I am also rather pissed off about the fact that I can’t exactly go out and get a “normal” job and because I’m not considered to be “permanently disabled” none of the job agencies, who specialise in helping people with disabilities find jobs, will help me and to top all this off I am entitled to get a disability pension, but because Drue earns over the amount allowable for me to get the pension i’m stuck with no job and no money! I FUCKING HATE THIS BULLSHIT!!!!!

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Easter!!!! Oh my god I hate Easter. I hate Easter because everything is closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but on Christmas day there are shops still open?? I don’t get it, can someone explain how Easter weekend out ranks Christmas as the “special holiday” I mean seriously who gives a crap, Easter has lost it’s original zombie Jesus day theme and is all about the chocolate and shit.

I honestly believe that all religious holidays shouldn’t be holidays and it should be a day like any other,and the CRAP about this is not a religious  country is complete and utter BULLSHIT . Most of our public holidays are thanks to christian beliefs and i do believe that the lords prayer is still said in parliament. Doesn’t sound like a nation that doesn’t have a single religious view to me!

 This nation has soo many other religious beliefs out there and yet we still blindly follow these christian holidays, even those who claim to be atheist will happily take a day off because of a religious holiday. I notice we don’t celebrate Muslim holidays or Jewish holidays and can imagine if someone brought up the idea of celebrating a Wiccan holiday, granted most Wiccan holidays or days of importance are shared with christian days of worship, but we don’t have a day off for summer solstice do we!!

I personally think we need to be able to chose if celebrate these holidays, put it down to a vote and see what the outcome is. Although I’m pretty sure we will end up keeping these damn holidays because Australians are know round the world for their laziness, so they will vote simply to have the day off,  but closing everything down for the day is ridiculous whats the point of having the day off if everything is shut. The public complain that everything is closed and there is nothing to do, so why close everything?? In this economy it would be worth keeping the supermarkets open because I know that people will stop into Coles or Woolworths to pick up the crate of coke that they forgot to get yesterday, or to the the salad ingredients for the BBQ they are having.

So to sum up I think all religious holidays should be a choice not something where everyone has to conform, and i know its a choice as to how u celebrate these holidays but for Christ’s sake (no pun intended) do we really need all the religious crap shoved down our throats twice a year when really NO ONE CARES! The TV networks would be better off showing family friendly movies instead of the “Holy crap Jesus is dead and now he has risen up to save from blah blah blah” its all just a bunch of shit polished up so that consumers will buy what they are told to buy.

Well since this has turned into a religious bashing post I might give up before I get started on the christians VS gay people, ’cause we will be here for hours

ciao people

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I know this is out of the ordinary but I need to get this off my chest. I am soo sick of close-minded people who have no fucking idea about anything but what directly affects them, OH MY FUCKING GOD IF PEOPLE DONT STOP TRYING TO PUSH THEIR PERSONAL AGENDA’S IN MY FACE I WILL START THROWING ACID IN THEIR EYES!!! GRRR!!!!

The topic that has me so wound up is “Nuclear energy” (OMG I can hear the fucking morons carrying on already). WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!!! Nuclear energy may just be our only option for electricity in the (and I am stressing this part) NOT TO DISTANT FUTURE!!! I can hear all of u so called “greenies” out there screaming words at me like solar and wind, these are not a viable option, and i know this first hand as my partner and I run a solar system off our home and it doesn’t even come close to supporting a household and as for wind pfft Australia is not known for its wind for Christ’s sake!

My blood is boiling as I’m writing this, I am soo mad at people who don’t accept other peoples opinions. Yes I may be pushing the nuclear energy issue here but this is MY blog and i will push what i damn well like! so stick that in your bong and smoke it you stoned hippy sons of bitches!!

While I am on the subject of bitching and complaining about things that are way out of my control, I am still jobless and its shitting me up the wall. I have applied for over 10000000000 jobs and have even started getting rejection letters from companies I didn’t even know i applied for, so as you can imagine my mood isn’t exactly the best at this time.

I had a job for a brief period (all of 2 days) working in a salon in Blacktown NSW, and yes I am going to name them because the fucking store owner screwed me over!!! The store in question is Hairhouse Warehouse and I am urging all of my loyal readers to boycott all Hairhouse Warehouse stores in protest for the fucked up way they treat their new employees.  I had a trial in the salon on the Friday and within an hour he had made up his mind he wanted to keep me, he asked me to work the next day but I couldn’t because Mr and Mrs Squeak were making it official and getting married, congrats guys lots of love. So I started on Sunday and had the best day did lots of hair and had a blast, Monday came around and I was told to go out and promote myself. Here I was thinking “oh cool I’ll be out and about for an hour or two”, boy was I wrong. They had 3 promotions going at the time (I cant remember what they were but they were crap anyway.) I was expected to get 5 clients booked  in for each promotion by the end of business that day, dude it’s Blacktown for Christ’s sake that was never going to happen. needless to say at close of business I had managed to convince zero people to have their hair done with me.

Tuesday and Wednesday were my days off and I called Wednesday afternoon to see what time I was supposed to go in on Thursday, I was told I was not needed, OK no problem. called again Thursday to find out about Friday and again was told I wasn’t needed. I was pissed off by this point and no one was telling why I wasn’t needed, so I made up my mind I was going to quit. I went in Saturday to get my stuff I had left there and to tell the boss to shove his job and head up his arse and he wasn’t there, I walked in and the senior hairdresser there said “hey I’m sorry it didn’t work out.”  WHAT THE FUCK?? When was someone going to tell me? Anyway long story short the owner wasn’t going to pay me so I called head office, they sorted it out when I went to collect my pay he stood over me and mouthed off so when I got in the car I called head office again, this douche bag is not going to get away with fucking with me.

Well now I am back to square one and it sucks balls and not in a good way (insert sad face here) but we will get there soon, I hope. Now that all this bitching is out im off

ciao bitches!!!!!!

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Do not use that word here…FAT!

I am having a fat day that has lasted months, and I finally have decided I need to do something about it. With a little help from some friends and a lot of help from the interwebs, I have set a goal that I will have a flat tummy……when it gets flat. I know you are supposed to set a time frame in which to achieve set goals, but you see I tend to get bogged down in the fact that my goals (and i quote from a previous weight loss attempt) “are not fucking happening on fucking time so this diet and exercise thing can go fuck its sefl, where the fuck is whipped cream!”

in the past week Drue and myself have not eaten take away and i have been cooking a lot more healthier options (hey i didn’t say the foods were perfectly healthy, give me some credit, you must admit a packet rice is far better than a large fries at maccas) Cooking is something i love to do but its an effort to get me to get started, like most things i do in life. I have also been told (by a book written by a very intelligent personal trainer) that if u concentrate on the amount you are loosing off your waist or arms or where ever you want to loose it, it can be more exciting and you can feel more motivated.

Now here’s the part where you get something out of it, at the beginning and end of every month I will post a picture of myself on here (starting December first) and you have to guess how many cm you think i have lost from around my tummy. The person who guesses right gets…. something….from….somewhere…….I don’t know yet but it will be good (if anyone has anything they would like to donate as a prize let me know ben/at/ thanks)

Some of you may be thinking this is a totally worthless competition thingy why should i even bother, I have one thing to say to you, If you loved me you’d do it 🙂

On that note I’m off!!! ciao people!

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A not so formal apology

As I am sure you are all aware I have registered for NaPodPoMo this and haven’t actually put anything up, well here’s the thing, I have a very *cough* busy *cough* schedule and just don’t have the time… OK so I lied a little, we all do it you know so you put your judgey, stern, naughty boy Ben faces away. Truth is I haven’t got the equipment to give you all the kind of quality show people of your intelligence deserve (A little side note to everyone, and there are HEAPS of you, who keeps telling me to use my iPhone, I DON’T WANT TO SO NER NER :P).

So basically I’m saying sorry to everyone who is expecting audio content from me for the next 28 days because you can wait all you want it ain’t gonna happen.

In other news FUCKING HELL IT’S GOTTEN HOT HERE ALL OF A SUDDEN. I mean shit a week ago I was walking down to the shops comfortably in jeans a light jacket and now I’m sitting here at 4am in practically nothing (Stop trying to imagine it, I know you all are right now). Oh and to make the hot situation worse the spa outside isn’t working damn fucking electronic or motorized or whatever you want to call it crap!!! Stop breaking down on me its not nice!!!!

On a light note I have had a few callbacks about jobs, which in general makes me feel like less of a looser and more like someone who might be able to obtain employment in the not too distant future.

I don’t know what it is lately but I was helping a friend do an assignment for her art class and I got a little carried away (one paragraph turning into 9 pages oops) and I have noticed that I seem to enjoy typing big long stories as apposed to 5 short lines. Even friends on MSN have said they are getting sick of the long-winded explanations to an otherwise simple “yes or no” question. Oh and by the way look I kept my promise, I am posting more than once tee he he. See I am getting better now.

I have been wandering round my house when I’m alone looking at all the little things that to me are unfinished but no one else seems to notice. So I printed out a “Pretend rental maintenance check list” and tomorrow I am doing the nerdy, geeky thing of checking every room for those little annoying “unfinished” things so I can do them, one day.

Ok now that I have bored you half to death I’m off to do…. something to…something ok bye!

oh before I go It’s 4:21am I’m sorry if there are some speelling mistakes and shit but dood it”s 4:20 in the morning you try spelling accurately this time of morning. Hmm  thinks its coffee time!

Oh and another thing did u notice mah twitter feed just over there =====>          mmmhmmm thats right you can watch my every tweet from here now lol!

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It’s been a long time but I’m back, OK OK OK I’m sorry and I can’t even say I was working because I wasn’t. But I do have a reason for never posting, I have been busy with my extra family members. Yes Drue and I have puppies, two Miniature Pinschers named Yoshi and Koopa (Drue named them after the Super Mario characters). The boys are now 10 months old and 7 months and the are a major hand full, but totally worth it.

As well as adding to our little family, I have been slowly painting and renovating the house, it’s taking a while but we are getting there. Boy am I looking forward to the day when I can say it’s finished, but as I’m sure everyone knows this shit is never over you always manage to find that one more thing you need to do to make your home “perfect”.

I have been doing lot of thinking over the last few months and it occurred to me that while I enjoy doing this blog, I think doing a podcast might be a little easier and a lot more fun than typing word after word of rambling rubbish that most of you probably don’t actually read anyway. (I didn’t say stop reading I just said…..look just don’t stop reading ok there). So keep your eyes and ears out for that.

Hmmm, what else is new????? Not much else really so I’m thinking I’ll leave it at that, bye for now.

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